Programme Areas

The WPC currently has a 5-year Strategic Plan  2011-2015 that is focused on two major program areas:

  1. Gender Discrimination and  Violence:  in this area, WPC empowers local communities to create awareness of gender, its  dynamics and effects on women's welfare and the society. We support the  communities to take actions that promote understanding and behavior change  towards gender equality. The intervention consists in creating community  awareness on gender dynamics, the social and policy context and their effects  on women’s welfare; and strengthening and advocating for effective gender  sensitive policies and laws that enable women to achieve their rights, with  special concern for sexual and reproductive health rights.
  3. Sexual and Reproductive  Health and Rights (SRHR): in this area we implement community mobilization  strategies to increase women and girls' access to life saving sexual and  reproductive information, promote access to quality and safe reproductive  services, promote safe motherhood, prevent unsafe abortions and advocate for  policy change to achieve reproductive rights for women and youth. WPC promote sexual and reproductive rights as human rights  and support the use of Human Rights framework to highlight SRHR violations. We  are mobilizing, networking and campaigning with our partners, women's groups  and other key stakeholders.

So long as we share the same problems and needs as women, our strength lies in our unity. We join those who are made to cry and raise one voice, louder to condemn and bring down the injustice.