In the year 2002 two young women got the vision to  start an organization to bring poor women together to find solutions to their  problems. They gradually mobilized 9 more women and together they agreed to  form the Women’s Promotion Centre (WPC).

With little education and no experience in NGO work,  the start was slow and difficult; the women struggled hard for few years to set  up a formal and structured group.
  In  2007, WPC obtained its official registration as a non-governmental, non-profit  women’s organization operating in Kigoma region, in Tanzania.

Since  the start, WPC has focused its work in Kigoma rural district and the  Kigoma-Ujiji municipality, but later expanded to Kasulu and Kibondo districts.  Born of the need to address fundamental women’s problems in the region, WPC  chose to work directly with marginal women at the grassroots level. Being  ourselves a local and emerging organization, and evolving in a poorly resourced  region, our progress has been constantly challenged.

Ten (10) years after its creation,  the WPC has grown and developed into a potentially dynamic and strong  organisation representing a lead feminist voice in the remote Western part of  Tanzania. 

So long as we share the same problems and needs as women, our strength lies in our unity. We join those who are made to cry and raise one voice, louder to condemn and bring down the injustice.