Our Focus

In the period from 2002-2005, WPC’s  activities were focused more on women’s economic empowerment with women’s  groups. WPC worked with a total of 11 community based women’s groups. We  initiated and supported projects in the areas of skills development (tailoring  and handicraft, entrepreneurship and small business development, and basic  literacy). We believed that income was essential to women’s empowerment at  family and community level. However, since 2006 our attention started to shift  more and more towards community awareness and advocacy work. Initiatives such  as voter’s education, civic participation, training of women on the prevention  of Postpartum death, and several trainings on sexual and reproductive health  and rights were introduced, focusing on issues of women’s health, position in  the society and participation.

This was the beginning of an important  shift in our vision and focus. In 2011 we developed a strategic plan that  focused on addressing Gender based violence and sexual and reproductive health  and rights. We had realized that whilst many women achieve greater productions  and income ownership, without enjoying respect, value and dignity, most may not  freely enjoy the benefits from their efforts. Therefore, it is our belief, that  in a highly patriarchal and discriminatory society like ours, the struggle for  women´s rights, equality and dignity should precede the efforts for economic  empowerment. As women, it is important to create a better context that will  enable us to enjoy to the fullest the opportunities that exist in the society.  Without a receptive and enabling context, all our efforts might end up  unrecognized, sabotaged or exploited. Therefore, WPC work builds on the premise  that human rights are fundamental to women's welfare.

So long as we share the same problems and needs as women, our strength lies in our unity. We join those who are made to cry and raise one voice, louder to condemn and bring down the injustice.